Silent Conflicts

Group Show

May 2019

Gigi Scaria|Jagannath Panda|Justin Ponmany|Khalil Chishtee|Pooja Iranna|Ranbir Kaleka

Reena Saini Kallat|Shivani Aggarwal| Sonia Khurana|Sudarshan Shetty|Sumedh Rajendran|Veer Munshi


1 Installation View


2 Installation View


3 Installation View


4 Installation View


Gigi Scaria | Please don’t touch..!
93 x 25 x 7.5 inches | Bronze | 2019


Jagannath Panda | Gaze of Believer –II
78” x 72” | Triptych, Acrylic, Fabric , Glue | 2019


Khalil Chishtee | Definition
63” x 22” x 3” inches | Rusted Metal | 2019


Pooja Iranna | ‘Reconciliation Attempts’
16 x 16 x 19 inches | Staple Pins | 2019


Pooja Iranna | “The Meltdown”
106 x 4 x 40 inches | Staple Pins | 2019


Ranbir Kaleka | Turbulence, Veiled, Unveiled | Video Installation with Digital Collage on Canvas
60 x 48 inches | 2019


Reena Saini Kallat | Earth Citizens | Gouache, charcoal, ink and electric wire on handmade paper
88 x 44 x 2 inches I Diptych | 2019


Shivani Aggarwal | “Dysfunctional” | Wood
78 x 32 inches | Wooden bag 18 x 15 x 6 inches | 2019


Shivani Aggarwal | “Self” | Terracotta and Wood
89 x 28 inches | Hammer | 30 x 8 x 4 inches | Variable | 2019


Sudarshan Shetty | Combat Kit
24 x 20 x 5 inches | Repurposed Teak Wood | 2013


Sumedh Rajendran | “Stone light in summer room” | Wood and glass
46 x 38 x 3 inches | 2019


Veer Munshi | Beyond the Personal | Mixed Media – Fibre, Mdf board, Papermachie, Acrylic Mirror
360/360 inches | 2018 -19

“Silent Conflicts”

Conflicts often arise from infractions on a larger scale of political or social events but today the darkest boundaries lie within us. In a world of exposure, awareness, focus on materialistic desires, competition, obsession with social media, war of consumerism, where too much attention is given to buying and owning things, has led to deep internal limitations of our focus and resources, just so we can carve impressions to create an identity and a sense of belonging for ourselves .

This has hugely impacted our inner peace and personal space. The propelling dualities, contradictions, ambiguities, conditionings, coupled with self doubt / rejection, our own inadequacies, comparisons with others, a constant need for validation and an assessment of our own worth in the eyes of the world has turned the war within!! The world is no longer in conflict …

M Esther Harding said, “Conflict is the beginning of Consciousness.”

Conflicts occur to achieve stability that emerge from an inner struggle between Balance – Imbalance. When our conscience is poked, it leads us to an awareness and a realization of the massive war that transpires within us. The Process of Consciousness and the search for Peace within cannot be achieved without having to go through this process of conflict. “If you avoid conflict to keep the Peace, you start a war inside yourself “.

“Peace is not an absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means”Ronald Reagan.

Do we have the correct understanding of peace to lead us to that consciousness?

Or do we get lured into our comfort zone and mistake it for peace and consciousness?

“Silent Conflicts” compels us to question, whether we continue to succumb to life’s situations, creating repeated patterns of behavior, perpetuating the blame game, allowing the vicious cycle to grip or bind us, Or do we effectuate our option to use those situations as catalyst for growth with an aspiration to live consciously – unleashing the internal chains that restrict our progress and don’t allow us to shine our true selves.

The conflict within could continue …but unlike other wars, the choice to end this Conflict is Ours..

Curated by

Ashna Singh, Studio Art, New Delhi