25 Sep 2022

Tech-Cut-Edge Revelations by Ashna Singh

Tech-Cut-Edge Revelations by Ashna Singh



What We See Is Not What They See 01


What We See Is Not What They See 02


Baiju Parthan
Ride 01(soft graffiti)


Baiju Parthan
Ride 02


Baiju Parthan
(Soft Graffiti)


Chintan Upadhyay Chintu’s Cloned


Chintan Upadhyay Many Chintu’s in a meeting


Sunil Gawde Arrival-Departure


Sunil Gawde 02 Arrival-Departure


What We See Is Not What They See

Riyas Komu As thinking human beings we are subjective and opinionated. Often what is obvious misses our sight. We end up seeing a conditioned world view and assume it to be the reality. Our divergent views may be from our own perspective but we end up ignoring the reality as it is. Thus a shadow falls on the reality of all the images in our mind. These series of photographic works represent the multiple layers of perception and likings that exist in the society. Photographs are the best records of facts, an idea that extends into my paintings too. Chintan Upadhyay The new hybrid cultural mixture, cloned with varying cultural branding. From gender to new visual, from mutual to sexual commodification Birth of the multiple babies, a new sexual gender. Technology being the new genocide. Sunil Gawde A poignant expression of self-discovery, Arrival – Departure embodies a larger-than-life magnifying glass that impishly subverts the lens’ conventional function. Here the revelation is not of the minutiae that lie behind the lens. Instead tanding before it, the viewer finds his own hyperbolized reflection, making the work a haunting metaphor for self- discovery, as he engages in the overlapping processes of seeing, losing and finally re-discovering.